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Central Valley Program Manager -- GSA Network of California seeks a unique, experienced manager who is committed to build and strengthen GSA Network’s organizing, base-building, and campaign work. This mid to senior level community organizer will play a critical part in taking GSA Network’s involvement in the Education Justice movement to a deeper level through our participation in multiple campaigns related to educational justice and school discipline disparities. Located in Fresno, CA, the Central Valley Program Manager is responsible for oversight of our Central Valley office, leading the programmatic work in the region. This position is also in charge of mobilizing youth leaders in grassroots organizing and policy advocacy.

Development Director -- GSA Network is seeking a results oriented professional who is eager to build upon and continue to grow our successful development activities.  Based in our San Francisco office, the Development Director will work very closely with the Executive Director and serve on the leadership team. We seek a candidate who is prepared to play a leadership role, partnering with the Executive Director, staff, board and youth activists, in building GSA Network’s development capacity for the long-term benefit of LGBT youth and their allies in schools across the U.S.

Los Angeles Local Community Organizer -- GSA Network of California is seeking an experienced youth organizer or activist to serve as GSA Network’s Local Community Organizer in the Los Angeles area. This position will support the work of our Southern CA programming and build a base of youth activists engaged in advancing policy issues at the intersections of LGBTQ student safety and economic and racial justice in schools. This position will lead in our coalition work in the Building Healthy Communities (BHC) initiatives in Boyle Heights and Long Beach.

Project Coordinator, Safe and Supportive Schools Project -- The Project Coordinator will assist the Project Director with the day-to-day operations of the Safe and Supportive Schools Project with a particular emphasis on the logistical and administrative aspects of the Project, which is funded by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s Division of Adolescent and School Health (CDC/DASH). The Project Coordinator will conduct literature searches, internet research, and engage in other research activities on parental engagement and school connectedness for youth at disproportionate risk – LGBTQ youth, homeless youth, and youth in alternative schools. The Project Coordinator will participate in meetings with Cooperative Agreement partners - CDC/DASH, NGOs, and LEAs – and provide logistical and administrative assistance with the development of webinars, needs assessments, resource creation/revision, and evaluation processes. This position is based in our San Francisco office.

Southeastern Regional Coordinator -- GSA Network is seeking an organizer experienced in LGBTQ youth organizing to serve as a Southeastern Regional Organizer. This new position will support GSA Network’s regional work in the Southeastern United States and join GSA Network’s national team that supports an association of 39 state-based GSA networks across the country. Based in New Orleans and working as part of GSA Network’s national Racial and Economic Justice program, this position will carry out the existing regional organizing efforts as well as new opportunities to support the needs of LGBTQ youth and queer youth of color in and out of schools doing education justice and LGBTQ youth advocacy across the region.

Southern California Regional Organizer -- GSA Network of California is seeking an experienced LGBTQ youth organizer and activist to serve as the Southern CA Regional Organizer. The position will build the capacity of queer youth of color to advance policy issues at the intersections of LGBTQ student safety and economic and racial justice in schools. The GSA Southern CA Regional Organizer will support GSA clubs and LGBTQ youth and allies outside the Los Angeles urban area. This position will focus on reaching out and organizing a base of LGBTQ young leaders in rural areas of southern CA, specifically but not limited to: Antelope Valley, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and Riverside. The Southern CA Regional organizer will train these young leaders and provide them with information and resources to run campaigns in their schools and communities in order to guarantee safe inclusive school environment for queer youth of color and all students.


GSA Network internships are a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience working in a LGBTQ non-profit setting, working for California's most dynamic LGBTQ youth-driven organization. Interns may work on outreach and technical assistance to GSA clubs, curriculum development, writing program resources, media or press work, lobbying and policy advocacy, event planning, individual donor fundraising, database systems, office support, and many other exciting activities.

Internships are available year round, and are unpaid.  GSA Network can offer school credit for internships.  GSA Network does not have the ability to provide relocation benefits to interested parties.  The job descriptions reflect the essential functions of each internship; they do not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned. Selections are made as the applicant pool allows and continue until the position is filled.

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