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How your GSA can support transgender youth

Want to know how you can take action to support transgender youth? Watch Ashton Lee, a GSA Network of California youth leader, break it down for you:

GSA Network UNITE!

Have you ever campaigned for something at your school -- and wished GSAs across the state could join you? Or have you wanted to build community with other GSAs, but not known how you could support them?

Kickstarting the Alumni Program

Hey all you GSA alumni! Remember those fond memories of your GSA? Wishing there was some way you could stay involved, even though you’d graduated? Well, we’ve got some good news.

Introducing… the GSA Network Alumni Program!

15 Fabulous Years

This year, GSA Network celebrated 15 years of empowering LGBTQ youth, training youth leaders, and creating a GSA movement that is advocating for equality and steadily changing the nation. We marked this milestone in our organization’s history earlier this fall at our anniversary event, Fabulous by Design: Fifteen & Fabulous, in San Francisco with nearly 300 supporters and youth leaders.

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Message from a Youth Leader

Dean Welliver is a GSA Network youth leader from Bakersfield who serves on the Southern California Youth Council and as a youth trainer for the region. At 1pm PST today, he will appear on HuffPostLive to discuss TDOR, the School Success & Opportunity Act, and his experience as a transgender student.

Bring Transgender Day of Remembrance to Your School

Matthew Yeung is a queer high school Junior in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. He serves on the GSA Network Statewide Advocacy Council and is a National GLSEN Student Ambassador.

National Coming Out Day - come out in support of undocumented youth

This Coming Out Day, join GSA Network leaders in coming out in support of undocumented queer students. Support our undocumented brothers and sisters in the fight for equal access and equal opportunities. Join us in empowering and creating unity and solidarity between our communities.

We push back

Amber Pulido is a GSA Network youth leader in California's Central Valley. Tuesday, Oct. 1 is the LGBT youth day of the Week of Action on School Pushout.

Join #GSAs4Justice & push back against school pushout!

Have you ever been bullied for being gay -- and then suspended for standing up for yourself? LGBTQ youth, youth of color, immigrant youth, and youth with disabilities are more likely to face harsh discipline and hostile climates -- and get pushed out of school.

A Night of Candles

Marcel Neergaard, an 11-year-old gay activist who made national news for standing up to a bullying lawmaker, attended Southeastern Activist Camp, put on by GSA Network, Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition, Georgia Safe Schools Coalition, and Southern Poverty Law Center. This post originally appeared on the Huffington Post.


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