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50,000 Strong


Earlier this week, we asked folks to make it better for LGBT and allied youth in Tennessee by signing this petition

National Safe Schools Day: Take Action in TN!

It's bad enough when principals try to block a Gay-Straight Alliance from forming in their school, but one principal in Tennessee allegedly took his hostility towards LGBT youth further: he verbally and physically assaulted a student for supporting a GSA club. 

Make History - Get FAIR with Your School!

Do you remember the last time you learned about LGBTQ people or issues at school?  If not, this year promises to be different!  Starting in January, you and every other California student will learn about LGBTQ people or issues in class. It’s the law, all thanks to the Fair Accurate Inclusive and Respectful (FAIR) Education Act!

To find out how your school has planned to meet the new FAIR Education Act requirements, talk to your teachers today! Here’s an example discussion:

Honrando Nuestras Historías: Remembering LGBTQ People During Latina/o History Month

What do Sylvia Rivera, Cherrie Moraga, Pedro Zamora, Deadlee, Frida Kahlo, Yosimar Reyes, Chavela Vargas, and John Perez all have in common?

Hey, Lady Gaga: Make It Better, Not Criminal

Earlier this week, 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer died by suicide. He was gay, he had been bullied and harassed because of his sexual orientation, and he had even created an It Gets Better video.

In response, Lady Gaga Tweeted: "Bullying must become illegal."

Every Tool They've Got: A Recap of the 2nd Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Summit

September 21st and 22nd marked the second Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Summit in Washington D.C.  GSA Network was proud to be one of the partners invited to the summit  held by the US Departments of Education, Justice, and Health & Human Services.  The group was a mix of student activists and supportive adults—many of whom came to learn from the experiences of youth and experts, like GSA Network, on how they can make it better for young people.  The summit kicked off with a speech from Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius

Start Your School's GSA? CHECK!

The new school year is here and it's time to get your GSAs ready for a year of activism and fun!

Take a look at our Year Start Check List for California GSAs to see what steps you can take to get ready for the best school year your GSA has seen yet!

Taking Care of Ourselves, Taking Care of Each Other

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth are often denied the sexual health education and skills they need and deserve.  Many schools do not provide any information beyond abstinence-only education, which focuses solely on sex after marriage and only between a man and a woman. This completely ignores the needs of LGBT youth.  Unfortunately, this social justice issue becomes a public health one as our communities struggle with continued high rates of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI).

This Semester, Make It Better!

Quick quiz: What are the first words that come to mind as you head back to school?  Backpacks, binders, bells… and bullying?

NorCal Activists Hit the Beach and Make Social Justice Waves!

Activists! Dolphins! And S’mores! Oh My! On August 12—14, twenty Northern California and Central Valley youth activists hit the beach at Marin Headlands Institute in Sausalito, California. The eager activists packed their sunscreen and sleeping bags and embarked on a 3-day skills-building journey to learn about activism and organizing their GSAs.