GSA Network Endorses Prop. 30

Education funding is an LGBT issue. It is time to come out about this as students, as parents, and as school and public safety employees. Well-funded schools mean LGBT student safety, learning, and achievement in education. When teachers are laid off, GSA advisors are laid off and safe spaces vanish. LGBT youth, especially low-income LGBT youth of color, are most impacted by decreased funding to public education. Schools often cite the lack funding to implement or enforce safe schools laws. And schools cannot address bullying and harassment without resources. GSA Network knows that we, as a state, must help schools have enough funding to protect students so they can learn and succeed.

That's why GSA Network has endorsed Proposition 30 and urges advocates for LGBT youth to vote against Proposition 32.

In June, the California Legislature and the Governor approved a budget that cuts $6 billion from our schools - unless, next Tuesday, voters stand up for schools and pass Proposition 30.

Proposition 32, meanwhile, would unfairly target teachers' unions, trying to silence them in their fight against school budget cuts by controlling the way they raise money for political purposes.

GSA Network urges GSA members and people who care about schools and safety to vote YES on Prop. 30 and NO on Prop. 32.

Press Release

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