As If It Matters

Nine youth wrote, directed, produced, and edited “As If It Matters: Six stories beneath the surface,” a 25 min. video that voices the actual stories we see in our everyday lives. It deals with issues of homophobia, cultural acceptance, body image, relationships, and labels through the stories of six students at one high school over 24 hours.

 A Message from the Artists:

“ ‘As If It Matters’ is intended to spark dialogue, increase the visibility of LGBT youth experiences, and inspire people to take action against discrimination and harassment in their communities and schools. We hope this video will create positive change in how LGBT youth and their peers are treated in schools across the U.S.

“We came together to create this video through Free Zone, an arts for social change program of GSA Network and LYRIC (Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center). We collaborated with TILT (Teaching Intermedia Learning Tools) for media literacy and video education. The Free Zone class was made up of 9 youth and 4 facilitators that met throughout the summer of 2001 to discuss oppression and power and encompass our learning into our script writing and other forms of pre-production. We then shot, directed, and edited those thoughts into something that we feel honestly represents us and the stories we have to tell.”

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Watch “As If It Matters”

“As If It Matters” is available for free online. Click here to download mp4 format the movie. (196 MB)

Watch "As If It Matters" in four parts on Youtube.

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Put “As If It Matters” to work at your school by using the Curriculum and Organizing Guides.

Curriculum Guide

Download the Curriculum Guide to learn how you can utilize the movie to its full potential!

The Curriculum Guide includes:

  • Facilitation tips and discussion questions
  • Activities about media literacy and homophobia
  • Helpful definitions
  • Information on AB 537, the California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act of 2000.

Feel free to print and copy the guide for teachers who want to use “As If It Matters” in their classrooms.

Download the Curriculum Guide.

Organizing Guide

Download the Organizing Guide and use the movie to make change at your school.

The Organizing Guide includes:

  • Discussion questions for GSAs
  • Ideas and strategies for using the movie at your school
  • Tips for peer education
  • A flyer to share with teachers
  • Resources to help build your GSA, including how to plan events, fundraise, build coalitions, recruit more members, use the media, and conduct a school survey.

Download the Organizing Guide