The Honor Roll

Thank You - TwoLeadership. Generosity. Vision.

Honor Roll Members are GSA Network’s leading donors.

They share our vision of a world free from homophobia and transphobia.

With their support, Honor Roll Members help GSA Network make this vision a reality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.

When you join the Honor Roll, you become an integral part of this vision.

As a Member of the Honor Roll, Your Benefits Include:

  1. Invitation to join our annual meet-and-greet with GSA youth leaders
  2. Personal notes from the student activists you are supporting
  3. Special report on the highlights from our annual survey of hundreds of GSA youth
  4. Breaking news briefings from GSA Network's Executive Director, Carolyn Laub
  5. Opportunity to be recognized on our website and in our print newsletter, The Activist


With the support of major donors like you, GSA Network has grown the number of GSA clubs in California from 40 to well over 700 clubs, reaching more than 50% of California’s public high schools and a growing number of middle schools. In 2005, we launched the National Association of GSA Networks to accelerate the growth and impact of the GSA movement nationwide. We continue to play a leading role in passing policies and laws that protect LGBT youth and promote safer schools.

We need your help to continue this vision.

Join the Honor Roll

You can make the Honor Roll with an annual gift of $1,200 or more.  Your gfit can be made one time, or in monthly or quarterly installments.  You can increase your impact with a multi-year pledge or a matching gift from your employer.

For just $100 per month, you can help youth activists create safer schools for all students. 

Your gift is tax-deductible.  You may donate by credit card, check or through a donor-advised fund.  Call Renee or Carolyn at 415-552-4229 or send us an email to discuss your gift.



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Your recurring contribution will be processed automatically for the number of installments you specify. You can leave the number of installments blank if you want to make an open-ended commitment. In either case, you can choose to cancel at any time. You will receive an email receipt for each recurring contribution. The receipts will include a link you can use if you decide to modify or cancel your future contributions.

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