Special Events

GSA Network hosts a variety of special events ranging from small house parties and dinners to large award ceremonies and artistic productions. Special events ensure the continued growth of the GSA youth movement!

Special Events

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Fit For Equality: Athletic Events to Support GSA Network

Fit for Equality is a non-profit organization whose goal is to raise funds for LGBT youth programs through community-based fitness events. All event details and fundraising information can be found on their website at www.FitForEquality.org.

Contact: Mike Belluomini - Founder & Executive Director

415-310-0690  mikeb@fitforequality.org  www.FitForEquality.org


Host an Event

If you would like to host a special event to raise funds for GSA youth, please contact us.

Past Events


Fabulous By Design

The second annual Fabulous By Design was held on Thursday, May 31, 2012 at the DeSousa Hughes Showroom in the San Francisco Design Center. Hosted by designers Geoffrey DeSousa and Erik Hughes, and presented by Genentech, the event raised funds to support GSA Netwok's mission of youth leadership and fighting homophobia and transphobia in schools. See pictures from the event at GSA Network's Facebook page.

Geoffrey DeSousa (Event Host, right) with

Ray Delgado (GSA Network Board Member, far left) and Carolyn Laub (Executive Director, center)


Benefit to Stop Bullying

On November 10th, 2010, Ian Stallings and Mary Ann Lawson hosted the Benefit to Stop Bullying, a successful and fun evening raising funds for GSA Network. View the photo gallery.

Ian Stallings and Mary Ann Lawson (Event Hosts, center) with

Ray Delgado (GSA Network Board Chair, far left) and G Pe Benito (Board Vice Chair and youth speaker, far right)


Celebrating the Power of Youth Organizing: GSA Network's 10th Anniversary

On November 13, 2009, we celebrated 10 years of organizing GSA clubs. Over 175 people gathered at the Hilton in San Francisco for an evening of inspiring speeches, award presentations, and the chance to meet civil rights and entertainment legend, Nichelle Nichols.

The event showcased GSA Network's accomplishments over the last decade and honored middle and high school students who unite for gender and racial justice.

Lea Gee-Tong, Nik Castillo, Scott Sansone, Evan Kuluk, Carolyn Laub, Nichelle Nichols and Anthony Brown at GSA Network’s 10th Anniversary Gala  

Check out our 10th Anniversary Photo Gallery. All photos were graciously taken by Brenda Ernst. And in case you were wondering, the youth were drinking sparkling apple cider.