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In addition to supporting GSA clubs in California, GSA Network’s National Program helps support the growth of the GSA movement nationwide by building the capacity of organizations throughout the United States to network and support GSAs in other states.

GSA Network’s National Program

GSA Network launched its national program in 2005 after receiving requests for assistance from several organizations around the nation. The goals of the National Program are:

  1. To convene the National Association of GSA Networks to accelerate the growth and impact of the GSA movement nationwide.
  2. To provide training and technical assistance to state and regional networks of GSA clubs across the U.S.
  3. To create a GSA network in every state by replicating GSA Network’s successful youth leadership and GSA organizing model.

National Association of GSA Networks

The National Association of GSA Networks is a collaborative partnership of state and regional organizations that share best practices on supporting GSA clubs. The National Association’s purpose is to support the growth of the GSA movement by connecting state and regional GSA networks to each other for information-sharing, networking, and peer exchange, including the annual National Gathering.

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Training and Technical Assistance

Members of the National Association of GSA Networks can receive training and technical assistance from GSA Network. Topics may include:

  • Youth leadership models
  • Youth-led policy advocacy
  • Implementing safe schools policies
  • GSA program development

Creating a GSA Network in Every State

Don’t have a GSA network in your state? Learn how you can create one based on GSA Network’s model in California. Today, 37 states have a GSA network! Our goal? 50 states by 2020!

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