GSA Network Spotlight

Josh Hutcherson & Avan Jogia Meet GSA Leaders

Mon, 02/27/2012

UPDATE: Josh Hutcherson, for his work with Gay-Straight Alliance youth and Straight But Not Narrow, is now the youngest person to receive GLAAD's Vanguard Award!

Having trouble explaining to your school why straight allies are so important? Let Josh Hutcherson, Avan Jogia, and our SoCal youth leaders help!


Wed, 02/16/2011

Vogue or voguing is a modern and stylized form of dance that became popular as a result of the Harlem ballroom dance scene during the 1960s. The African American and Latino American Harlem ballroom dancers combined inspiration from the Vogue magazine model and dance techniques they had learned on the ballroom floor to create a new form of movement. Dancers often modeled their movements after the linear poses of the magazine's models.

C'mon VOGUE!

Becoming a GSA Leader: Isobel’s Story

Thu, 01/28/2010

 Becoming a GSA Leader: Isobel’s Story


Like many GSA activists, Isobel Murillo stepped up to lead the GSA at Pete Knight High School not out of choice, but out of necessity.

GSA Success Stories

Tue, 12/22/2009

GSA Clubs Triple in Florida with GSA Network’s Support

Learn about our accomplishments in 2009.