Changing Policies and Laws in California

GSA Network has helped shape the law in California by working to secure the passage of a number of state laws related to schools.  Our youth-led policy advocacy efforts have created groundbreaking non-discrimination laws. We provide students with powerful tools as they seek to address immediate problems and bring about lasting systemic change. 

With GSA Network’s training and resources, youth become powerful advocates for school safety and LGBTQ inclusion in California schools.  Today, GSA Network youth leaders continue to fight for stronger enforcement of non-discrimination laws so that all students will be safe to learn at school. 

Advocating for Change

GSA Network teaches students how to:
  • educate policymakers about school safety issues
  • advocate for implementation of the current non-discrimination law
  • call, visit, and write letters to legislators to shape new laws
Learn more about the laws we have changed, and how we empower youth to Change California.

Events & Trainings

GSA Network provides trainings and opportunities for youth to become fierce advocates and leaders for policy change in California.