Transforming Schools

GSA clubs are powerful tools that can transform schools – making them safer and more welcoming for LGBTQ youth, youth with LGBTQ parents, and straight allies. GSA Network helps GSA clubs become activist clubs that can educate teachers and students to improve the school climate. GSA Network teaches GSA clubs how to work with the school administration to implement school policies that prevent harassment and violence.

Establishing GSA Clubs

GSA Network supports students and teachers to Start a GSA and Run a GSA. Establishing a GSA club is the first step in transforming a school. Studies have shown how the presence of a GSA club is related to a safer school climate.  Get the facts.

GSA Actions & Events

Strong, activist GSA clubs can plan actions and events on campus to build awareness about LGBTQ issues and improve the school climate. GSA Network provides resources for students to learn how.

Campaigns to Change Schools

GSA Network teaches GSAs how to launch campaigns to raise LGBTQ visibility, reduce violence, fight slurs on campus, make schools safer for transgender and gender non-conforming youth, and fight for LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum. GSA Network’s 5 campaigns to Change Your School empower youth activists to create changes that will transform schools for generations to come.