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David BracamontesSenior Manager, Operations

Born and raised in Los Angeles, David now calls Northern California home. His organizing, planning, and activism began as a student leader with the MultiCultural Center (MCC) of Humboldt State University. After earning a degree in Communication as well as working in sexual assault prevention education and alcohol and other drug prevention, David returned to the MCC as the Program and Outreach Coordinator. The role solidified David’s passion for planning and organizing that contributes to authentic positive social change. In 2007 David transitioned his work to residential housing programs in the college and university settings working with The Art Institute of California, Humboldt State and San Francisco State Universities. David’s personal and professional passions combined when he became a founding member of the Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Currently, David serves the Bay Area as a member of the San Francisco Sisters. David is thrilled to join the GSA Network team where the organization’s mission aligns with his personal passion.


Ginna Brelsford, Co-Executive Director

Originally from Juneau, Alaska, Ginna is a highly qualified administrator with progressive leadership experience, who managed GSA Network’s finance and operations as Finance and Administrative Director before becoming Co-Executive Director. Ginna joined GSA Network’s staff in 2011 where she has served as a member of the Executive and Management Teams. A graduate of Smith College, Ginna has over 10 years of nonprofit financial and operations experience having previously been employed at MassEquality, Nonprofit Finance Fund, and Environmental Justice Coalition for Water. In her tenure at GSA Network, Ginna has overseen organizational human resources and operational needs in a rapid expansion of staff and infrastructure, including expansion to another state. Ginna became Co-Executive Director in 2015 and is also an Arcus Foundation Leadership Fellow. When not at GSA Network, Ginna enjoys traveling around California's wine country with her wife, Jill.


Frank Chestnut, Midwest Regional Organizer

frank is a Black, Selma, Alabama born, gender non-conforming queer-boy. They are currently living and working on the stolen and colonized, ancient homelands of the Miami and Potawatomi people, commonly known as Chicago. frank accepted the sobering pleasure of working with Black and Brown youth within the city’s intentionally segregated and resource-starved West, South and Northwest Side neighborhoods. Over the past several years, frank has worked to educate, organize, nurture, mobilize and collaborate with queer and trans youth of color in the Chicago-land area. Much of this work has been in collaboration with education, youth leadership and public health nonprofits, the Chicago Public Schools, and other organizations that serve queer and trans youth of color who deserve to thrive despite structural inequality and other socio-politically marginalizing lived experiences. frank also serves on the Board of Directors for Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus. In solidarity with Black and Non-Black People of Color (NBPOC) living with HIV, frank serves as a non-positive ally on steering and advisory board committees that strategize HIV education and treatment in Chicago. frank loves large bodies of water, their family (which includes very close friends), the woods, flora and fauna, art history, Black women (and NBWOC) liberation histories/futures, plus establishment abolition. They hold a B.A in History and a B.S. in Biology from Tuskegee University.


Eli Chi, Office Manager

Eli is a queer and transmasculine Chinese-Cuban American pretty boi. He was born and raised on the East Coast and grew up in Minnesota. He attended Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri and received his BA in Advertising/Marketing Communications. It wasn’t until after college when Eli went through his own personal journey and transition that he found his passion for advocating and organizing with his queer and transgender community in St. Louis. During his time there, Eli worked directly with queer and trans young people, facilitating support spaces for them. He also created a safe space for queer and trans folks of color to exist with one another. When he is not working, you can probably find Eli riding his bike around town, singing and dancing to music in his head, or shamelessly trying to (or making someone else) take new photos of himself and his fashion for all of social media to see.


Cathy Chu, Associate Director, Youth Organizing

Cathy is a second-generation Cantonese / Asian American tenderqueer born and raised in the middle-class suburbs of New Jersey. An East Coaster until last year, they moved to Los Angeles to study and research education and youth resistance from a race and ethnic studies critical lens at UCLA. Prior to GSA Network, Cathy was the Youth Leadership Manager at SMYAL (Supporting and Mentoring Youth Advocates and Leaders), an LGBTQ youth leadership organization in Washington, DC. Cathy also worked as a Youth Organizer in Silver Spring, MD, coordinating youth-driven media campaigns against deportation and for immigrant rights and justice. Currently, Cathy builds with Chinatown Community for Equitable Development, an all-volunteer LA-based organization fighting displacement and gentrification, and supports Summer Activist Training, a 3-day organizing skills training for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. She holds a B.A. from Wellesley College in Women's and Gender Studies. Growing up as a queer high schooler and GSA member who proudly thought being a lesbian meant being less Asian, Cathy is committed to and energized by GSA Network’s vision of racial and gender justice led by youth leaders embracing the intersections. In their spare time, they enjoy cooking, eating, karaoke practice sessions, friendly board game competition, and a good dance party. Cathy doesn't really like pronouns but is usually cool with a confusing mix of they/them/theirs and she/her/hers.



Juniperangelica Cordova/Gia, TRUTH Program Senior Organizer

While attending Azusa High School, Juniperangelica began her career at GSA Network’s Activist Camp. She quickly grew invested in the organization, traveling the nation as a Youth Trainer and mentor. She has since focused on the intersectional movement of low-no income queer and trans people of color. Juniperangelica prides herself in her femme identity as well as having been a community college student at Citrus College. She is currently majoring in Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. For now, she is beyond excited to work with the organization that served as the platform for her own development, guiding the next trans/GNC youth leaders of tomorrow. Gia continues her work to ensure that her kid Adrian will grow up in a society that truly appreciates diversity and is able to thrive in any identity they shall embrace for themself.


Christopher Covington, Youth Leadership & Campaigns Specialist

As a proud product of Long Beach, California. Christopher Covington has dedicated his life to a future where all students who have historically been marginalized, made invisible, and unheard are uplifted and empowered to challenge and deconstruct the systems of oppression. As a multi-racial, gay young man of color growing up in poverty he was determined that he would not be boxed in by the limitations others placed on him. His dedication and determination to advancing issues and creating real systems change led him to begin organizing his community. He is honored to have grown from organizations such as the California Conference for Equality and Justice, Khmer Girls in Action, Every Student Matters Campaign, The California Endowment and the National Dignity in Schools Campaign. He specialized in building true partnerships between students and members of City Councils, School Boards, California State Legislature and the U.S. Department of Education on issues of inclusion, working families, school to prison pipeline and restorative justice that led to major policy wins.

  Anna Davis, New Media Senior Organizer

Anna C. Davis was born and raised in Mississippi and has been a youth organizer there for over ten years. Anna first became involved in youth organizing at college where she led the university’s Gay-Straight Alliance. Recognizing a need to connect with other youth leaders in the state, she and several other young leaders started the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition (MSSC). She went on to study mass media, race, and culture and holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a master’s degree in mass communications from The University of Southern Mississippi. Recently, Anna has been working as part of the Better Together Cohort of Southern-based Racial and LGBTQ Justice organizations. As a Southern organizer, Anna works to lift up Southern voices in national discussions about social justice work as well as working to reframe national dialogues about the South to highlight the communities of resistance which have always existed there. 
  Cielo Flores, Northern CA Regional Organizer

Cielo is a proud queer-Salvadorian by way of West Oakland! Cielo uses gender-neutral pronouns (They/Them). They began organizing for students of color at their high-school when they started to understand the need to question the systems in place. Cielo graduated from UC Santa Cruz in the spring for 2016 with a degree in Latin American and Latino Studies with a focus on Gender, Health, and Migration. During their time at Santa Cruz, Cielo embarked on a journey of self-discovery and dove into the world of queer and radical rhetoric/identities to expand on their perspectives in life. With all this new information Cielo found themselves amongst other Queer-Brown: students, radicals, organizers, community. Cielo was able to co-lead Familia X, a safe-space dedicated to queer and questioning LatinX students at UCSC. Through their process of self-realization Cielo, has been able to dedicate their studies, organizing efforts, and work towards creating a safer world for other Queer-Trans- GenderNonConforming- NonBinary people of color. Their love for Oakland and empowering marginalized youth has brought Cielo to the GSA Network, where they hope to continue growing as a community member, artist, and organizer.. 

Andy Gonzalez Field Organizer, Southern California

Andy is a trans gender non-conforming Latinx member to recently join the GSA Network. Their pronouns are they/them/theirs. Andy was born in Watsonville, CA. However, Andy was raised in Tijuana and Guadalajara Mexico until they were 16, when their family returned to Los Angeles, CA. Since then, South Los Angeles has become their home. While attending John C. Fremont High School, as a youth activist, Andy was involved with Community Coalition fighting against the School to Prison Pipeline when their school was threatened of being closed. At the same time Andy started to get involved with the GSA club during senior year. This made a huge impact on Andy for their own identity as a Queer and Trans youth and their activism involvement. After high school, Andy got involved with several LGBTQ+ collectives such as, FMLA a feminist club that fought to have safe spaces and increased representation of queer and trans students on campus. Additionally, Andy has been collaborating alongside with Immigrant Youth Coalition as a comrade to fight against the deportation and detentions of undocumented queer and trans folk. Andy is ready and excited to work along side powerful and amazing trans and queer youth working to fight for gender, racial, and sexuality justice. Andy holds a BA in Sociology and a minor in Women Gender and Sexualities studies from California State University Los Angeles. 


Michelle Guevara-Pozas, Director of Development and Communications

Inspired by the wave of massive pro-immigration reform protests in 2006, Michelle started a career in social justice that same year with a focus on immigrant rights and Latino empowerment.  She has worked for nonprofits in California, Florida, and Texas, and brings 12 years of experience in fund development, communications, and organizational management to her role as Director of Development and Communications. Prior to working in the nonprofit industry, Michelle was a journalist for both English and Spanish-language media outlets in Miami and San Antonio, covering Latin American politics and economics as well as issues impacting Latinos in the U.S.  Michelle holds a BA in International Studies with a minor in Economics from Boston College.


Ashe Helm-Hernández, Southeastern Regional Organizer

Ashe Helm-Hernández is a queer southern Black butch artist, cultural worker, organizer and youth advocate with roots in Louisville, KY. They hold a Bachelors of Art in Studio Arts from the Hite Art Institute.  Ashe has over 15 years of experience in Human Rights to Education advocacy, leadership development, and youth mentoring in the South. They co-founded and co-lead Tiger’s Eye Collective – a Queer Security Cultural and Educational project. Ashe’s political artwork and cultural organizing led them to co-create a number of projects and practices of cultural solidarity with grassroots organizations AgitArte, Southerners On New Ground (SONG), the #NOT1MORE deportation national campaign (Mijente), they piloted with the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR); an adult education project to support GLAHR members to earn their GED towards their eligibility for DACA, and Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty and Genocide, where they served as Program Coordinator and coedited Black Youth Power Rising, Project South 2015. Ashe most recently, along with SONG, curated and co-edited a special edition of The Change Agent issue #44 – an Adult Education publication for Social Justice Issues. Ashe serves on the planning committee for the Bayard Rustin/Audre Lorde Breakfast (RL) hosted by Southern Unity Movement (SUM) in Atlanta, GA on MLK Day. They are passionate about ending the school-to-prison pipeline, curating spaces for queer and trans youth leaders and the safety of all our people.

  Marc Navarro, Fresno GSA Organizer

Marcus Navarro was born and still lives in the Central Valley of California. His first exposure to GSA Network and the LGBTQ community was as a member of his high school club his freshman year. Since then his involvement and dedication to the organization have grown every year. He spent all of high school as a youth leader and activist, traveling across the Central Valley to connect and educate other youth on issues being faced by the community. In 2015 he became a staff member with GSA Network and is helping to sharpen the leadership skills of the next generation of youth leaders in the central valley. Marc’s passion for helping the LGBTQ community stems from his own queer identity along with his desire to make safer communities for others and that relate to the struggles present for all minority individuals.

LuzMarina Serrano, Associate Director of Partnerships



Rexy Tapia, NorCal Youth Organizer

Rexy is a trans warrior, Latina woman, born and raised in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico in a small town. She became familiar with GSA Network by participating at her first GSA meetup in 2012. Before she knew it she was hosting the Youth Empowerment Summit at Mission High School for three consecutive years, attending National Gathering for two years and eventually interning at GSA Network in 2016. Rexy has continued her fight for the survival of trans students in California by joining GSA Network as the Norcal Youth Organizer. Outside of work you can find Rexy performing at high school drag shows, or on facebook live. 

  Gabriel Vidal, Southern California Lead Organizer

Gabriel Vidal originally comes from the East San Fernando Valley. From a young age, Gabriel has been inspired by their parent’s journey as political refugees from El Salvador. His parents desire to fight for peace and their introduction of Nichiren Buddhism laid a foundation of humanism and social justice in Gabriel’s life. Through his own personal struggles in high school being suspended due to organizing for LGBTQ, immigrant and student rights, Gabriel developed a passion for youth organizing. As a trans person of color, Gabriel remains committed to bridging equity, gender and racial justice in Los Angeles. For the last ten years, they have been a member of numerous community based organizing efforts throughout Los Angeles County, including initiatives through Gender Justice LA, the Labor/Community Strategy Center, and the Brown Boi Project. Gabriel joins GSA Network from InnerCity Struggle, where he was the Youth Justice Lead Organizer for the Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition and ICS' educational justice campaigns. Gabriel is also a record collector and local DJ, and loves uniting people through music.
  Geoffrey Winder, Co-Executive Director

A former high school activist and GSA leader, Geoffrey has been working with GSA Network since his time as a youth council leader in 1999 and brings over 15 years of social justice youth organizing experience to his leadership role. Geoffrey served as a governing board member from 2001 to 2005 and was GSA Network’s Board Co-Chair in 2004. He joined GSA Network’s full time staff in 2008 and most recently served as the organization’s Sr. Manager of the Racial and Economic Justice program, a program he developed and led since its inception in 2011. Under his leadership, GSA Network’s Racial and Economic Justice work developed into a signature program raising GSA Network’s national profile as a voice for LGBTQ youth of color and is largely credited with shifting the national narrative on LGBTQ youth anti-bullying policies and punitive school discipline while highlighting the issues of LGBTQ youth pushout. Geoffrey has represented GSA Network and the issues facing LGBTQ youth of color in schools on panels about school discipline hosted by the White House, Ford Foundation, Gill Foundation, The California Endowment, and in federal hearings by DOE’s Office of Civil Rights. He became Co-Executive Director in 2015 and currently supports GSA Network’s California and National program teams in ensuring all LGBTQ youth access to quality education. He has his BA from New York University's Gallatin School in Change Theory and Globalization. He is a 2015 Arcus Foundation Leadership Fellow.


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