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Building a solid GSA movement requires us to connect with clubs throughout the country. You can now register your GSA club--no matter where you are!

When you register your GSA club, you will: get connected to an active GSA Network National Association member who can contact you with local resources, join a network of GSAs in your area, and best of all, receive a hard copy of our Annual Resource Packet complete with a GSA Advisor Handbook, calendar of upcoming events, and #GSAs4Justice stickers to share with your members.

Put your GSA club on the map and keep building your movement.

Please note, the GSA Registry is for K-12 school and community based GSAs. If you are a college age GSA club, please see Campus Pride for resources related to your needs.


Please complete your school name here
If your GSA is a community based GSA, please enter the name of the person who will be most responsive to emails sent to your GSA in the student section and leave the advisor section blank - except for address- unless there is a designated advisor or mentor for your club. If your club is a school based club, please check "no" and proceed as indicated.
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GSA Registry

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