National Gathering


The GSA movement extends across the nation to unify students, staff, and allies who are committed to creating safer schools for all.

GSA Networks from across the country come together every summer at the National Gathering. The goal of the National Gathering is to support the GSA movement across the country and expand it to include even more states, cities, and towns.

National Gathering 2018 will continue this year's #GSADay4RJ theme, Trans and Queer Youth Power: #FreeOurFolks to Build Strong Communities, and focus on breaking down the prison industrial complex and stopping the school to prison pipeline, which disproportionately impact trans and youth of color across the country.  

National Gathering is hosted by the National Association of GSA Networks. It provides an opportunity for National Association members to collaborate, share stories, exchange resources, discuss best practices, and build the GSA movement.

Every year, organizers come together for hands-on workshops, guest speakers, training, and locally-led workshops and discussion. Workshop topics focus on that year's theme and address youth leadership models, gender identity and expression, racial justice, organizational infrastructures, fundraising, and much more.  

Who can attend the National Gathering? Members of the National Association of GSA Networks and partner organizations working with our regional offices will receive an invitation to attend National Gathering. Each organization will typically bring one staff member and 1-2 young people. 

Where does National Gathering take place? Each year a different cohost organization brings National Gathering to their local spaces. In 2018, Utah Pride Network will be co-hosting the event in Salt Lake City. 

For more information on the National Association of GSA Networks or National Gathering, please see our National Work page!