GSA Generations

GSA Generations Alumni Giving Circle

Hundreds of GSA youth leaders graduate from high school each year and are looking for ways to remain engaged, keep building their activism and leadership, and support the next generation of LGBTQ+ leaders who are coming up.


GSA Generations was conceptualized and shaped by GSA Alumni—with input from the broader GSA community—who wanted to expand their leadership while giving back in a really direct and tangible way.


What is GSA Generations?


GSA Generations is Giving Circle made up of GSA alumni who want to stay connected to LGBTQ+ youth activism and have a big impact on the next generation of leaders who are currently enrolled in GSA Network’s youth leadership programs.


Through GSA Generations, GSA alumni will work collectively with all members of the Giving Circle to identify and discuss the most pressing issues impacting LGBTQ+ youth leaders today.  At the end of the calendar year, each GSA Generations Circle will determine how to invest their collective contributions and make a direct impact on a specific program or project that they have selected within GSA Network.


How Does It Work?


GSA Alumni can sign up to be part of a GSA Generations Giving Circle in their region (NorCal or SoCal) by filling out this form and making a commitment to make a monthly contribution of at least $10 per month for a period of 12 months starting January 2016 and ending December 2016.


GSA Generations Giving Circles will meet 3 times per year to discuss various topics and projects, and begin to create a collective vision for their individual circle, discuss important issues, determine how they can make the biggest impact, and then decide on a program or project.


Who Can Join?


GSA Generations is open to all GSA Alumni who participated in GSA Network youth leadership programs between 2010 and 2015. If you participated in GSA Network programs before 2010 and are interested in starting a GSA Generations Giving Circle, please email for more information.


How Long Can I Participate?


GSA Generations members will each make a 12-month commitment, and can renew their participation each year in January.


How Do I Sign Up?


Sign up to participate in GSA Generations by filling out this form, including your financial contribution for 12 months.  A payment in the amount of $10 will be processed every month between January and December, for a total contribution of $120 throughout the calendar year.


Upon completion of your registration form, you will receive more information and start getting connected to your GSA Generations Giving Circle.