Networking and Supporting GSAs

GSA Network helps students start GSA clubs and provides resources and opportunities for GSAs to get networked and supported. GSA Network helps end the isolation that trans and queer youth may feel at school. 

By connecting and supporting GSAs, we are building a powerful movement of student leaders empowered to change their schools and change the world.

GSA Network’s programs are developing a vibrant network of student-led GSA clubs across California. We provide the resources, support, advice, and networking opportunities to help GSAs thrive.
Support and AdviceContact a program coordinator in your area. We can provide advice to students and teachers by email or phone, or by visiting your GSA.
Resources for GSAs – Learn how to Start a GSA or Run a GSA. Download materials from our Resources library of more than 40 tools designed to help you strengthen your GSA, transform your school, and change the world.
Networking – Use the Directory to find a GSA club in California, register your GSA club, get networked to other GSAs in your state, and find local resources in California.
Events & Trainings – Attend an Event to gain leadership skills and get networked to other students in the GSA movement.
News Alerts – Sign up for GSA Network News to stay informed about events, news and resources for GSA clubs.